Shipping Container Ideas

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Converted Shipping Container Ideas

Marine Fabrication can transform ordinary shipping containers into functional spaces such as offices, small canteen, workshop or retail unit. Our Bespoke Container Service expert team of fabrication engineers can design shipping containers that can be converted to suit your every need.

Ideas for Shipping Container Conversion

Marine Fabrication can help you to develop your shipping container design from an idea into a neat shipping container home or office. Using a shipping container as the basis of your modular structure allows you to choose from a range of shapes and sizes. Your finished bespoke container will be efficient, environmentally friendly, and exciting to experience. And, you can take them anywhere you want

It can be as sparse or as luxurious as you want. Open up possibilities with by using either a 20ft or 40ft shipping container to create a home built for your comfort.

Imagine you could be working from home in a detached building next to your house that is stylish and modern. The perfect office space that is both modern and stylish. So why not build a home office to work away from a busy house. Classified as a temporary, or semi-permanent structure, means that in most cases your shipping container is exempt from planning permission.

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