Latymer Upper School Rowing Club Pontoon

 Latymer Upper School Rowing Club Jetty

London Rowing Club Pontoon and Hinged Gangway

Marine Fabrication were given the challenge of fabricating and installing a set of 3 x pontoons and a hinged gangway for Latymer Upper School in London for their rowing club. Each pontoon is 15m long x 4.2m wide and 600mm high. They are all bolted together on site and the gangway dropped into place using a crane on a barge, we finished the gangway off with a non-slip GRP resin which bolted to the frame.

New timber piles were pushed into the bed of the Thames and our pontoons now rise and fall with the tide.

View the Gallery where some still images show the steps towards completion along with a short video.

There are also other projects to view demonstrating our ability to create different floatable hulls to support a variety of ideas from creating floating restaurants or having a platform to sustain taking the weight of a whole house.