The Cheese Barge London

Cheese Barge Floating Restaurant London

Cheese Barge Near Paddington Station

This marine project took just over 12 months from start to completion and finished up outside Paddington Station along with a couple of others Marine Fabrication have manufactured. Unlike most of our projects the design was sent out as part of a competition and the most whacky design pretty much won. Obviously we had to sign it of so the restaurant could be physically built.

At the initial time of fabrication there wasn’t a tenant for the restaurant but after a couple of months ‘The Cheese Barge’ company came along and wanted it so we were in consultation with them re the final design and interior.

Made from mild steel which is the main hull and an Aluminium railing system which was pretty challenging. There is seating in the main hull and also on the roof. The smaller section of the restaurant is a kitchen.

View the Gallery where some still images show the steps towards completion along with a short video.