Jack Up Rig Fabrication Project

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Jack Up Rig on the River Thames in London

In a remarkable feat of engineering, pioneering fabrication company Marine Fabrication has unveiled this 5M X 4M Jack Up Rig designed for use on the iconic River Thames in London. With adjustable spud legs, it can securely anchor itself on any riverbed. This versatile rig is a versatile platform, to assist with construction work, maintenance, and survey activities that could be just some of the tasks that need done on the River Thames in London.

The rig is now in operation and being put to the test in what it has to achieve. The video footage and images you can view in our project Gallery There are also other projects you can view where we select a number of images showing the steps we take towards completing our work along with a short video demonstrating our approach to the fabrication engineering work involved.

A Game-Changer for Thames River Works Activities

The River Thames is not just a picturesque waterway winding through the heart of London; it's also a hub for a wide range of floating vessels that steer their way through the twists and turns of this iconic waterway. From transportation and leisure to construction and environmental preservation the Jack Up Rig has the ability to transport heavy machinery and is the ideal solution in getting that plant machinery into awkward spaces. The Thames has varied riverbed conditions and unpredictable tides that can often pose challenges for certain vessel types and machinery operating in the area. That's where this Jack Up Rig steps in as the game-changer.

Looking Ahead With Marine Fabrication as Your Partner

The Jack Up Rig is just another intuitive fabricated platform designed and built by Marine Fabrication Ltd of Yeovil who will continue to prove their worth with more prospects along the River Thames. Take a look around our website to read about our other projects and watch videos that stand as a symbol to our engineering innovation and adaptability in the face of unique challenges. What we can do with aluminium or steel extends beyond the Thames, as we continue to look for new opportunities that can help to inspire similar solutions for rivers and waterways all across the United Kingdom.

In conclusion, Marine Fabrication’s achievement in creating a versatile and environmentally conscious Jack Up Rig is a testament to our ingenuity. Its contribution to the ongoing development and preservation of the River Thames is a source of pride for the local community and a shining example of how feats of fabrication engineering coupled with technology can enhance our relationship with such environments. With its adjustable spud legs and multi purpose design, this rig is poised to make a lasting impact on the way our customers can interact with our rivers.